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Engineering Experience

What fellow Engineers and Agency Directors have to say about Ken's support and technical abilities.

"I just wanted to take a second to let you know how impressed I am of the work you do.  I've been an Executive Director for more than 16 years and never worked with an individual that could solve such complex problems with simple, logical, and sustainable solutions.  Your work is always so good, I really appreciate it."  Travis Stombaugh Executive Director Si View Metro Parks

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"Ken has over the years proven time after time to be a thoughtful and creative problem solver with integrity and perseverance.  Ken has never turned down a difficult project in the two decades over which he has tackled unique projects in permitting, design and construction of cost-effective infrastructure.  I have been impressed with his dedication to family and community while putting in the hours necessary to run a small business.  His communication skills are second to none when developing consensus or communicating complex information.  Ken has a natural way of communicating technical information to us 'non engineers' that allows us to make good decisions based on clear information."  Sean Northorp, CEO Trail Side Homes

"I really appreciated the opportunities working with Ken on multiple County bridge and roadway infrastructure projects over the past 20+ years.  As a design consultant, Ken has demonstrated high quality and professionalism to produce exceptional structural designs that are practical and cost-effective.  Ken's leadership is paired with sound engineering practices, and he ensures optimum results for public management and expenditures."  Stephen Jiang, PE SE Chief Structural Engineer King County Roads

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"If you live in King County, Ken has been working for you.  During my 25 years as King County's Bridge Infrastructure Manager and Supervising Engineer, I worked with Ken on over a dozen projects spanning more than two decades.  Ken was instrumental in dealing with an array of projects.  He is adept with spontaneous response during natural disasters as well as possessing the patience to work on major infrastructure projects that take years to accomplish.  He understands complexity of funding for public projects, the importance of listening to concerns raised by the general public, avoids pitfalls that can lead to legal issues, and as an excellent engineer, maintains a focus on schedule and quality.  Ken can see the picture clearly and quickly and is able to help other folks understand complex issues."  Jim Markus, PE Retired Managing Engineer King County Roads

"...Ken is one of the most professional engineers and people I have met in my 16 years as a public works employee.  He takes great pride in his work and loves the work he does.  He is not just an engineer that builds something, he understands the effects of his work on the public and always make sure their interest are taken into consideration when delivering a project.  This is a rare characteristic in a world built on deadlines, where its do more with less, and get the job done at all costs."  Arnold Bell, Project Manager Skamania County Public Works

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"I had the opportunity to work with Ken on many projects during my 31 year career at King County.  He always looked for the most feasible solutions to balance the scope of the project while paying attention to environmental concerns, public convenience, and being cost conscious.  Ken was an integral part of the team for King County's many successful projects.  Ken has a great personality, and his professionalism enabled the county to work with him easily.  He is very dependable and a great leader." Jessy Jose, PE Supervising Engineer King County Roads

"Nice job!  On behalf of the City of Redmond I would like to thank you for the outstanding level of structural engineering support you have provided for the past 12 years.  Your strong technical knowledge, skills, and experience have been instrumental in helping Redmond successfully deliver key infrastructure projects for the community.   We appreciate your logical, practical, creative, and diligent approach to developing solutions and solving problems.  We couldn't do it without you." Mike Paul, PE  Senior Project Manager City of Redmond

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