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Ken Wilson has spent his career building Seattle. As our City Councilmember, Ken will build Seattle into a better city.

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Ken for Council4

As an engineer working for the city, I understand the importance of planning projects from start to finish before ever breaking ground. Seattle City Council needs Councilmembers with a clear, well-thought-out vision for how to tackle our toughest issues...starting from the foundation up.

About Ken

Ken is a small business owner and civil engineer who has worked on many of Seattle's most iconic bridges. He previously ran for one of Seattle City Council's at large seats in 2021 where he received an outpouring of citywide support for his pragmatic policy positions. He believes that smart planning and good governance improves livability and increases quality of life for everyone. As a 30+ year resident of Seattle and father of two daughters Ken is committed to building a Seattle that is safe, affordable and welcoming for all.

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  • DELIVER THE BASICS. The City Council does a lot, but it doesn’t accomplish much. We need a City Council that actually delivers the basics: safe neighborhoods, beautiful parks, and well-maintained roads, greenways, and public transportation. We can do it!


  • A RENEWED COMMITMENT TO PUBLIC SAFETY. Unfortunately, Seattle has seen an increase in crime. The poor and unhoused have been affected most. Meanwhile, Seattle is struggling to retain police officers and firefighters. I’ll work to rebuild Seattle’s commitment to public safety.


  • ON HOMELESSNESS: FOCUS ON WHAT WORKS. It sounds obvious…but City Council just doesn’t get it. Council has spent hundreds of millions, with incredibly disappointing results. We know what works: Proven mental health and substance abuse programs focused on getting people stable. I’ll focus on what works.

To see more plans, click here. And, if that sounds good, I would be honored to have your vote – or even Democracy Vouchers.

Ken Wilson

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