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Public Safety

This campaign is possible only through individuals like you.  Your support of a great candidate now, is critical to making progress and advancing.  Donate now!

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Join Ken's Common Sense Campaign!

Civil engineer.  Small business owner.  UW Grad.  Part-time soccer coach.  30-year Seattle resident.  Proud father of two daughters. 

I appreciate your individual perspective and value your voice.  Contact me and help us get back to focused on running a city.  Thank you Seattle!

Working to make a happier and healthier Seattle.
Useful Articles and Resources
Danny Westneat: One Seattle candidate came from nowhere to win a spot in the general election. What’s Ken Wilson’s secret?

Public safety Q&A with Teresa Mosqueda and Kenneth Wilson, Seattle City Council candidates, Position 8 | The Seattle Times

RealChange Voter's Guide: An Interview with Kenneth Wilson, for Seattle City Council Position 8

Council District 8 candidates’ plans to address homelessness: Teresa Mosqueda and Ken Wilson Q&A

Could a mild-mannered structural engineer from Wallingford become Seattle's next council member?

Podcasts and Video Interviews
KIRO Gee and Ursula Show 10/06/21 (0:00-15:37min)

Seattle City Council Candidate Ken Wilson with Mike Solan - Hold the Line Episode #17 (10/30/21)
#17 - Seattle City Council Candidate, Ken Wilson - YouTube

West Seattle Community Forum Debate - Seattle Council Position 8 & 9 (10/18/21)

Seattle City Council Positions 8/9 forum - YouTube

Queen-Anne Community Council Seattle Council 8 Debate 10/03/21 (3:10-35:40min)

Ballard Alliance Community Council Seattle Council 8 Debate 9/22/21 (12:00-35:30min)

Seattle Channel: September 30 Seattle City Council Position 8 Debate

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